Каждый понедельник на доске объявлений появляется новая недельная программа, которая включает 3 мероприятия. Участие в факультативных занятиях по желанию. Рекомендации или дополнительную информацию можно получить у сотрудников канцелярии. На доске объявлений также появляется информация о всевозможных занятиях и местах для посещения и, разумеется, о предстоящих событиях в этом районе. 

Upcoming Activities

Activities are subject to change, please check the notice board at school.
If less than 3 participants register for an activity, it will be cancelled.



02 Story of Berlin, exhibition  in a former bunker

04 Market Hall No. 9, food market

06 Bar

09 Spy Museum

11 Excursion to Stasi Prison Hohenschönhausen, GDR secret service prison

13 Ping Pong Bar

16 GDR Museum

18 Badminton

20 Indian Restaurant

23 Jump House

25 Stasi Museum, GDR secret service museum

27 Bar

30 Bowling



01 Underworlds, Berlin underground city tour

03 Excursion to concentration camp Sachsenhausen

06 Black Box Cold War, exhibition at Checkpoint Charlie

08 Billiard

10 Comedy Club

13 Excursion to Charlottenburg castle

15 Bouldering

17 Cinema 

20 Trabi Museum, everything about the GDR car "Trabant"

22 Beach Volleyball

24 Lasertec

27 The Gate Multi Media Show

29 Squash

30 Karaoke Bar



04 Film Museum

06 Ping Pong

08 Christmas Market

11 German Historic Museum

13 Beach Volleyball 

15 Christmas Market

18 Jewish Museum

20 Go Kart

22 Christmas Market

27 Ethiopian Restaurant

28 Bar



02 Have a beer with us at the famous Oktoberfest

04 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

06 Visit to the lovely city of Salzburg, Austria

09 Fun in the wave at Cosima wave pool

11 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

13 Visit to the former national socialistic concentration camp Dachau

16 Residenz - Visit to Munich's city palace

18 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

19 Visit to the famous art collection of the “Neue Pinakothek”

20 Excursion to Passau - Discover the city of the three rivers

23 BMW Museum

25 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

26 Pumpkin Fest at Viktualienmarkt

27 Excursion to Nürnberg

30 Visit to the modern art museum “Lenbachhaus”



01 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

03 Excursion to Neuschwanstein - Visit to the famous castle, sign up in advance

06 Have fun bowling with other students

08 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

09 ESO Supernova - Visit to the Planetarium of the European Southern Observatory

10 Excursion to Garmisch, right next to the Bavarian alps

11 Start of Carnaval Season in the Center of Munich

13 Visit to the Olympic park with the Olympic tower

15 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

17 Excursion to Salzburg, Austria

20 Visit to the famous art collection of the “Neue Pinakothek”

22 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

23 Visit to the modern art museum “Lenbachhaus”

24 Excursion to Nürnberg

25 Excursion to Augsburg, a lovely little town, and its Christmas market

27 Deutsches Museum - museum of technology

29 Stadtmuseum - Visit to the museum of the city that tells us the story of Munich and Bar


01 Excursion to Nürnberg and its famous Christmas market

04 Visit of the art and cultural historic collection of the Bavarian national museum followed by a visit of the Christmas market in the Englischer Garten

06 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

07 BMW Museum

08 Discovery of the city of Salzburg and its enchanting Christmas market

11 Visit to the famous art collection of the “Neue Pinakothek”

13 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

15 Excursion to he lovely town of Passau and its Christmas market

18 Deutsches Museum - museum of technology

20 Joint visit to a bar in Munich

21 Christmas Party at school



02 City Tour

04 Go Kart

05 Chocolate Museum 

06 Karaoke
08 Treasure Chest of the Cologne Cathedral

10 Billiard

12 Nazi Dokumentation Center 

13 Jump House 

16 Museum Ludwig - Art Museum

18 Go Kart

19 Bar

20 House of History, Bonn

23 Roman-Germanic Museum

25 Kino

26 Lasertag

30 Chocolate Museum

31 Halloween Party



02 Cologne City Museum

03 Bar

05 Basketball

07 Lasertag

09 Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum - Ethnological Museum

11 Start of Karneval

14 4711 House - Eau de Cologne House

16 Museum Ludwig - Art Museum

17 Karaoke

19 Iceskating

21 Chocolate Museum

23 Bowling

24 Day Trip to Düsseldorf

27 Karneval Museum

28 Kolumba Museum - Art Museum

30 Go kart



02 Christmas Market Köln

04 City Tour

06 Roman-Germanic Museum

07 Bar

08 Billiard

10 Christmas Market

12 Iceskating

14 Cinema

15 Karaoke

18 Jump House

19 Christmas Market 

21 Christmas Party at School