Programma Ricreativo

Un programma nuovo ogni settimana comprendente 3 attività viene offerto sulle bacheche ogni lunedì. Le attività guidate sono opzionali. È possibile contattare la segreteria per consulenza o informazioni. Una bacheca fornisce anche informazioni su cosa fare e dove andare e naturalmente sugli eventi futuri nella zona. 

Upcoming Activities

Activities are subject to change, please check the notice board at school.
If less than 3 participants register for an activity, it will be cancelled.



09 Museum of Natural Science

10 Billard

10 Bar

14 Quiz Night

15 Calisthenics

17 German Historical Museum

21 Yoga

22 Vietnamese dinner

23 Quiz Show

29 Songwriter Night

30 Bouldering

31 Street Food Market


06 Ice Skating

07 Museum of Photography

08 Bar "Schmittz"

12 Bowling

14 Dali Exhibition

15 Irish Pub

19 City Walk in Mitte

20 Pool Billard

21 Monkey Bar

27 Black Light Minigolf

28 Maroccan Restaurant


01 Shisha Bar

04 GDR  Museum

06 Cinema "Green Book"

07 Beergarden Lindenbräu

13 Planetarium  Duc

12 Ping Pong Alex

15 Karaoke Bar

20 Indoor Soccer Alex

21 Streetfood Market at Markthalle 9

23 Jewish Museum

26 Technical Museum

28 Bar Madame Claude

31 Flea Market at Mauerpark



08 Indoor Trampoline activity

09 Bar - social life and get together

10 BMW Museum

15 Visit Nymphenburg Palace

16 Bar - social life and get together

18 Day trip to Salzburg

22 Visit Pinakothek der Moderne

23 Bar - social life and get together

25 Day trip to Garmisch

29 Visit Olympic Park and Olympic Tower

30 Bar - social life and get together


02 Day trip to Nuremberg

05 Residenz Museum

06 Bar - social life and get together

09 Day trip to Garmisch

12 BMW Museum

13 Bar - social life and get together

15 Day trip to Salzburg

19 Visit Nymphenburg Palace

20 Bar - social life and get together

25 Visit Alte Pinakothek

27 Bar - social life and get together

28 Soccer Five activity


04 BMW Museum

05 Bar - social life and get together

07 Day trip to Nuremberg

10 Visit Dachau concentration camp museum

11 Visit Neue Pinakothek

12 Bar - social life and get together

18 Residenz Museum

19 Bar - social life and get together

21 Day trip to Garmisch

25 Soccer Five activity

26 Bar - social life and get together

28 Day trip to Salzburg

31 Visit Nymphenburg Palace



01 Flora (cultural and botanical insights) – a public garden with plants from all over the world 

03 Lasertag (sports, entertainment and teambuilding)

04 Day trip to Bonn (cultural trip)

06 City Tour Köln (cultural information)

08 Kino (entertainment and language skills)

10 Bowling (easy sports and entertainment and teambuilding)

11 Museum Ludwig (cultural activity) – great art collection

14 Farina Haus (cultural activity) – Fragrance Museum

16 Schokoladenmuseum (cultural) – Chocolate Museum and chocolate tasting

17 Brauerei (social activity, culture and food) – a German brewery in Köln for local beer

18 Karaoke (social and entertainment) - singing

22 Synagoge (cultural) - synagoge

24 Blacklight Minigolf (easy sports. entertainment and teambuilding)

25 Day Trip to Düsseldorf (cultural trip)

28 Jump House (sports, entertainment and teambuilding) – big trampoline park

29 Billard (easy sports and entertainment)

31 Römisch-Germanisches Museum (cultural) – history of ancient times in Cologne



03 Kolumba Museum (cultural) – Christian church museum

05 Altstadt Tour (cultural and teambuilding)- tour through the oldtown centre of the city of Cologne

07 MAKK Museum für Angew. Kunst (cultural) – modern apllied art

08 Bar (social and entertainment)

10 Fußball (sports and entertainment and teambuilding)- football

12 Haus der Geschichte (cultural) – German political and cultural history

13 Lasertag (sports and entertainment and teambuilding)

15 Papa Joe's Jazzlokal (social and food) – popular Jazz Bar with live music

17 Bowling (sports and entertainment and teambuilding)

19 City Tour Köln (cultural and teambuilding)

20 Indoor Fußball (sport and entertainment and teambuilding)

22 Day Trip to Aachen (cultural trips)

24 Rosenmontagszug Karneval (cultural) – Karneval: ‘fifth season`, a very popular cultural event in Cologne, Rosenmontagszug: biggest parade with free candy

26 Nubbelverbrennung (cultural): cultural Karneval tradition to end the ‘fifth season’ 

28 Karaoke (social and entertainment)  - singing

29 Kino (social and entertainment) – go to the movies



03 Kolumba Museum (cultural) - Christian church museum

04 Kickern (table football – easy sports social and teambuilding activity)

06 Bowling (easy sports and teambuilding)

07 Day Trip to Koblenz (cultural trips)

09 Photographische Sammlung Köln (cultural) – modern art, collection of photography

10 MAKK Museum für Angew. Kunst (cultural) – modern applied art

12 Billard (easy sport and entertainment)

14 Kanzlerbungalow Bonn (cultural) – political history

17 St. Patrick's Day Pub (social, international and food) – big holiday in Köln, celebrated   in Irish Pubs

19 Sport & Olympia Museum (cultural) – sports museum

21 Day Trip to Maastricht (cultural trips)

24 NS Documentation Center (cultural) – a former prison during WWII turned into a museum

26 Aqualand (sports and entertainment) – big pool area

28 Karaoke (social and entertainment) – singing

31 House of History Bonn (cultural) – German political and cultural history