A written grading test taken before arrival via internet as well as a short oral test on the day of arrival allows us to assign the students into classes according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for languages” (CEFR) levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
The groups are not closed, therefore it is possible to change classes (and therefore levels) during the stay (if a place is available in the higher or lower class). The teacher or the student may request a change of level. In either case, the procedure to follow is to speak to the Director.
Please note: In case a standard or intensive group course has less than 3 participants, we reserve the right to reduce class length for the standard course from 20 to 15 lessons per week and the intensive course from 25 to 18 lessons per week.

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By learning elementary language structures you will be able to cope with simple everyday situations.


An extension of elementary vocabulary and grammar will enable you to understand texts with everyday language and lead simple dialogues.


Through the extension of grammar and vocabulary you will be able to deal with everyday and professional situations and formulate simple texts.


An extension of vocabulary and grammatical structures will enable you to understand difficult texts and discuss them.


You will work on specialized vocabulary and complex grammatical structures, analyze problems in written form, construct letters and discuss business situations.


By reading literary and scientific texts you will become acquainted with grammatical structures and idiomatic uses. Your ability to express yourself will increase and you will be able to master all situations adequately in spoken language.