Part 2: Money

Top tips for life outside of the classroom while during your German language course

It´s always a good idea to carry some cash: In Munich, I find it so useful to keep some spare change (das Kleingeld) and cash (das Bargeld) in my bag (was für eine Engländerin nicht normal ist / which I am not used to).

The toilets in public places are not free, usually you will need 50 cents or 1 euro to enter. That said, this is a small price to pay for the surprisingly clean German public toilets (sie sind fast immer sauber)! I haven´t yet needed to hold my breath in a public restroom and there´s nearly always handsoap. Impressive.

For water, light snacks (try pretzel croissants! “Laugencroissant”  😍) or a spontaneous ice cream (das Eis) or coffee (der Kaffee), it is also very helpful to have some spare euros (einige Münzen/Euros) in your pockets. Using credit or debit cards for small sums is usually accepted but certainly not as common as in England or the US. To keep the cashiers happy when making a small purchases, prepare to pay with cash!

Using the ATM (der Geldautomat, die Geldautomaten)

 I have just now learnt an expensive lesson about finding the right ATM. I was too busy (too lazy) to read all of the small print on the screen and got charged €9.99 for withdrawing €50! I´m sure you can imagine how annoyed I felt! ATMs which charge nothing for withdrawals are for example in the banks (die Bank, die Banken). Make sure to read the instructions on the ATM anywhere. Also, be aware of the charges of your own bank for using your card abroad as these will be additional to any local fees.

Aaand you might want to keep your cash in a couple of different places or even leave some at home. Because we might get robbed? Absolutely not! Munich is a very safe city. However, keeping money in a couple of separate places means that it can be easier to keep track of your spending (if you´re on a budget) and you will have the safety-net of some spare cash in case of an emergency such as losing your wallet or purse. If you do have any emergencies during your studiesin the German language course, just come in to the school and the lovely teachers and staff can advise you on how to get back on track. 

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself! You are on holiday in a beautiful city so remember to treat yourself every day. Even if that is just to a scoop of your favourite ice cream. 😃 Happy spending!

Some basic but useful phrases

Darf ich bitte mit Karte bezahlen? (May I please pay by card?)
Beinhaltet diese Rechnung Trinkgeld? (Does this bill include a tip?)
Wissen Sie, wo ich einen Geldautomat finden könnte? (Do you know where I could find an ATM?)
Könnten Sie mir bitte einen Euro leihen? (Could you please lend me a Euro?)

by Megan Herbert

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